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Jan 13, 2017 8:36:59 AM

Here are some mobile shop tools to optimise for social bliss

For most people in this modern age, social media has become a reflex and a daily habit connecting and sharing information regularly, but there are still people who struggle to really unleash the full potential of social media.

In this post we will discuss why and how you should be using social media in such a manner that your clients will help you grow, and do so with smiling faces.

You might wonder if there is some type of recipe to success? If those companies with a high engaging following have some sort of trick?

Well there is no trick or special recipe, but there is a system and rules that is rooted into using social media to attract and build up trust, so that these people become clients and ultimately help grow your mobile shop presence.


People are drawn to content that is helpful and enjoyable. Let’s look at some basic mobile shop tools that will help you optimise for social bliss. Let’s have a look.


Importance of sharing your pages.


Having a website for your mobile store is a great idea, but the trick is to make sure you give your viewers a way to share out offers or blogs on their social media platforms, or follow your mobile shop on social media for future content.  

Start with placement, ensure that the social sharing buttons is highly visible and available and make sure to add the counter to the button, this will show people if and how many times the blog or page has been shared out already, this is a way to show people that your shop is credible and that people can trust you.


Take care, nurture and take notes.

Monitor your posts and the level of engagement, take note of which posts worked well and got some decent reactions. Remember to shake things up, and to experiment with wording of your posts.

Sometimes using a informative title is not always the most enticing thing and people will not really feel the need to click. Rather ask a question or encourage the potential customers to click, experiment with phrases like “have a look at” or “don’t miss this” this will spark curiosity and highly improve engagement.


Offer support on Social media


Facebook has now implemented a time-to-respond statistic that shows your customers the average waiting time that it takes for your mobile store to respond. If you regularly connect with people on social media this tracker will show people that your store is reliable, eager to help and give them an expected time of reply.

This is great because if people have questions or problems, dealing with the support using social media is swift and feels personal which builds trust.


Offer exclusive deals


People like to feel special, and by awarding them for following or sharing content is a great way to grow your business and ultimately getting more customer. You can even create promotions and competitions that encourage people to share and follow your page and draw a lucky winner and the end of the day.


If you have any questions let us know down below, or download our FREE eBook that will help you progress into selling online and optimise your mobile shop for social bliss.


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