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Jul 15, 2014 12:00:00 PM

7 Great Android Photography Apps Smartphone Users Will Love

The camera in your Android smartphones can vary from average to excellent, and this can depend on the model of phone you have and also its current version of Android. Did you know that your camera can take even better pictures though? There are heaps of Android photography apps that you can use to polish your pictures, bringing them up to a professional standard that you'll be surprised at.

Read on to see 7 great apps that AMGOO recommend to help you take, edit, store, and even share awesome pictures. 

You know your friends who lug around their bulky DSLRs and waffle on about their megapixels, light balance, and all kinds of other boring stuff? Crash their party with these Android photography apps, without the expense of having to shell out on your own DSLR! 

1. Camera Zoom FX ($3)


Even the best Android smartphone's camera can be improved with camera zoom FX. You get what you pay for, and whilst $3 is a little expensive when many apps are free, this app is crammed with features that your Android camera won't have such as:

  • Stable-shot mode which won't take a picture unless the phone is stable enough for it not to be blurry.
  • Voice activated shots.
  • Grids that can help you to compose your pictures professionally.
  • Sharing to your social media accounts.
  • Editing, with filters, colours, borders, and light adjustment settings to name but a few.

This app will make your phone camera rival much more expensive cameras, so it's worth the small investment if you like taking pictures when out and about. 


2. GIF Camera (Free)


Everybody loves a funny GIF, but it's often a mystery about how you'd make your won. No longer!

GIF camera let's you capture short and funny videos which you can then share online. Perhaps yours will go viral? Better yet, it's free!

Here's a funny example for you, and don't worry, the dog was fine:


3. Instagram (Free)


Instagram is one of the big daddies of Android photography apps (and video too), it's more like a social network as you can find and follow some really interesting photographers there, as well as your favourite celebrities and bands too! It has a bunch of great filters which add a cool look to your pictures, and by adding hashtags you'll get your pictures seen by more people every time.Part of the Facebook family, it can share automatically there and is so simple to use!


4. Google + (Free)


Google + is not only a social network which has all of the features you're used to from others like Facebook. It's especially good for avid smartphone photographers, as when installed it will automatically upload your new pictures to your Google account where they're stored, for free, in the cloud. No need to fill up your smartphone's memory, and if the worst should happen and your phone was stolen or lost, at least your precious pictures and videos would still be safe.


5. QuickPic (Free)


QuickPic is a great gallery app. I have always thought that the default Andoid photo gallery is rather slow to open and lacks finesse, but if you replace it with QuickPic then you won't be sorry. It's really fast, has built-in editing for your pics that have already been taken, and makes it very easy to share your pictures wherever you like.


6. Camera FV-5 ($4, or Free lite version)


Camera FV-5 is an extremely sophisticated photography app which gives you most of the features of a DSLR. If you're not familiar with using these expensive cameras, you can dive into:

  • Aperture settings.
  • Exposure times.
  • Light meter.
  • White balance.
  • Stops.
  • Long exposure timing.
  • Time lapses.

There are so many more options too, and accordingly it takes very good pictures on Android smartphones!


7. Rage Comics Photo Editor (Free)

rage comics photo editor

If you like having fun, and find internet memes hilarious then you'll love Rage comics photo editor. It's 100% silly, but you can make really funny pictures using some of your favourite memes! Choose the 'trollfaces' you prefer, stick them on, and then share the fun with your friends!


Whether it's more professional pictures you want, fun, storing, or just to increase the quality of images that your Android smartphones can capture, there is are Android photography apps here for you!

Your Turn...

Which of these apps do you use at the moment? Why do you like them? Are there any not in this list (there must be) that you would also recommend? Please let us all know in the comments.


All of these great apps will run on AMGOO smartphones. Can't wait to get snapping away? First find the smartphone that's right for you from our catalogue below:

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Posted: Jul 15, 2014 12:00:00 PM by AMGOO Marketing Team | Filed under: Smart Phones, How Tos, Android Apps

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