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Stay ahead of the mobile industry curve with our informative blog for cellphone operators and distributors in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Get the latest news from the mobile industry in Africa and other emerging markets direct from AMGOO, your favorite Chinese mobile phone manufacturer.

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Learn about the latest Amgoo affordable smartphones and innovations. In addition, take a peak into our factory and keep up with the latest company news, see our latest China Android phones, and be first to get special offers!

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Love Android smartphones? So do we! Get all the latest Android & smartphone tips, hacks, apps, guides and more from our news & tips blog showcasing the best low cost smartphones.

Amgoo Honduras Case Study

Download Amgoo Honduras Case Study Now!

How AMGOO Opened New Markets

Like every other brand, entering a new region or market dominated with large brands is no easy task. In spite of the odds, we successfully rolled out our business model and swept up over 50% of the Honduran mobile market.

Want to gain a deeper insight into how we made a difference and what it took to capture the hearts of Hondurans? Have a look at this insider’s view on AMGOO’s success.

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