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Feb 11, 2015 6:00:00 AM

10 amazing benefits of unlocked cell phones for end users

10_amazing_benefits_of_unlocked_cell_phones_for_end_usersUnlock your mobile's potential!

With the amount of mobile customization that we as end users have available to us with operating systems such as Android, in today's age it is also possible for us to choose between carriers, MVNOs and of course the offers that they bring to the table!

For the most part 'unlocked' cell phones present unique benefits to end users that typical 'locked' devices obtained directly from carriers unfortunately do not. These "locked" and "unlocked" cell phones (each with their own pros and cons) are different for a number of reasons but today I want to focus on what benefits unlocked cell phones have in store for end users and why they are the smart choice!

1) Break free from using one network provider


When one purchases a locked phone from a local carrier they are essentially bound to its network and the subscription fees that come standard with the 'subsidized' price tag of the device until the contract expires. With an unlocked phone users have the unique option of switching effortlessly between network carriers and enjoying the flexibility of choosing the right plan to suit your specific needs!

2) Complete coverage wherever you are


Unlocked phones run on GSM networks which means that users can enjoy complete coverage wherever they are in the world, at anytime, as long as they purchase a local SIM card. No need to worry about finding yourself outside of your existing network carrier's coverage zone, less hassle, greater connectivity! 

3) Helps you save in the long run


Whilst shelling out for an unlocked phone might make the initial payment higher than choosing to take the contract route, unlocked phones actually help users save in the long run! Users needn't be burdened by the extra monthly expense of having to pay a subscription fee and also have the choice of choosing a different network should they want to change their current plan. 

4) Customize to your heart's content


Locked cell phones come with a software lock that ties you down to their network and their pre-installed applications and settings. Unlocked phones do not suffer from this same fate and they provide users with added customization options from the get go! In addition to setting everything to the way you like you it, third-party applications tend to work better on unlocked phones that would otherwise limit those with a software lock. Unlocking locked phones also stand to jeopardize the terms of a contracted phone so opting for the unlocked version is always a safer bet!

5) Travelers delight


For those travelling for business (or pleasure) on a regular basis, unlocked phones do away with expensive roaming charges as one is able to easily purchase a local SIM, slot it into their device and make local calls at local rates. Say goodbye to those shock bills at the end of each month and never fret about added travelling expenses ever again!

6) A more diverse choice


By opting to purchase an unlocked cell phone from an MVNO, users have the freedom of choosing between a greater selection of mobile phones that local carriers might not offer. No need to worry about waiting until your contract is over before upgrading or switching to a mobile of your preference. MVNOs are stocked with a variety of mobile devices that will ensure that you always stay current with the latest mobile technology!

7) Say goodbye to bloatware and hello to a faster mobile


Purchasing an unlocked device means not having to deal with pre-installed software or bloatware either uploaded by the mobile manufacturer or the carrier themselves (to make some extra money). In many cases this bloatware is useless to us craving a more customizable experience, it occupies our phone's storage and generally slows down the workings of the device. Enjoy a faster mobile experience, choose what you get to put on your mobile and unlock its true potential!

8) Lose your phone? There is hope


Whilst losing a phone is never a thing to celebrate, losing a phone on contract is even more painful than that of an unlocked one. Termination fees of a contracted phone are expensive, especially if one loses a device early into the contract. With an unlocked cell phone, however, all a user needs to do is purchase a new phone (with the money you would've spent on termination fees) and the problem is solved. As is standard practice for everyone that has ever lost a phone, ensure that you back your mobile up on a regular basis so you can keep your numbers saved!

9) A Dual Sim unlocked cell phone equals more freedom!


As flexible as owning an unlocked device is, opting to purchase one with dual SIM support means even greater freedom! This way, users can choose 2 different plans from 2 different carriers to suit their needs, enjoy greater coverage, and receive calls from home when traveling to mention a few of the additional benefits!

10) An easier (re)sell


Due to every single one of the benefits mentioned above, unlocked phones tend to fetch higher resale prices than locked phones. This also means that an unlocked device could be sold internationally (GSM networks) and users looking to purchase a new unlocked phone can get rid of their old phone more easily, whilst getting a sizable return investment on their mobile!

The age of MVNOs is here

With the added benefits one gets from purchasing an unlocked phone it is no wonder that MVNOs are gaining popularity around the world! These assisted carriers provide professional services that rival those of MNOs but offer so much more flexibility and freedom to the end user. With all this in mind, isn't it about time you 'unlocked' your mobile experience?

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